Student Council

Student Council

St Joseph of Cluny Student Council

Aims and objectives

  • To allow students to play an active part in the life of the school
  • To provide an effective communication network between Staff, Students and Parents
  • To empower students and give them a sense of responsibility
  • To foster a sense of respect and stewardship among students.

Structure of Student Council

Student Council will consist of:

  • A representative from each class as per year group first to sixth
  • Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl
  • Chairperson, secretary and Treasurer which are to be elected from existing members and will work in conjunction with the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl
  • Student Council Liaison Teacher

Electing Members

  • Elections must be held in first year
  • Deadline for 1st year elections is October mid-term break
  • The first year Senior Prefects attend on behalf of first years until members are elected
  • If a council member needs to forfeit her position an election must take place
  • One can vote for anyone within ones own class from 1st- 3rd year and from ones year group from 4th -6th year
  • The student must state her willingness to go forward for election
  • Nominees are then voted upon by the rest of the Council by a secret ballot.

This year our Student Council is:

  • Grace Watson 6N
  • Roisin O'Connor 6L - Chairperson
  • Laura O'Leary 6C
  • Clodagh O'Donnell 6N
  • Saoirse Whelan 6C - Public Relations
  • Mimi Birchall 5C - Treasurer
  • Sarah Grumlry 5N - Secretary
  • Ava Watts 4N
  • Grace Larkin 4C
  • Niamh Sheehan 3W
  • Corina Ng 3Y
  • Lexi O'Brien 2W
  • Emma Mooney 2Y
  • Tifera Newenya 1W
  • Hannah Byrne 1Y

Policy for Electing Positions within the Council

  • Positions to be filled are Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Members must be nominated and seconded
  • Nominees are then voted upon by the rest of the Council by means of a secret ballot.

Commitment Requirement for Members

  • All members must sign the contract agreeing to the rules of the Council
  • Members must have a valid reason to be absent with leave from a meeting
  • Members must excuse themselves, in advance of a meeting if they plan to be absent
  • Members may miss a maximum of 3 meetings without leave
  • Members must be punctual for meetings
  • Members must take an active part in the Council.
  • A member may be removed, by agreement of the council and school management, if her behaviour or attitude is deemed to be unacceptable or her contribution is consistently inadequate.

Conduct of Student Council

  • The Management of the school, members of Staff, School policy or Code of behaviour may not be discussed
  • No individual student’s problems, whether of personal, social or academic nature, may be discussed
  • No individual student’s dealings with teachers, disciplinary or otherwise, may be discussed
  • Student Council may not be used by any member to represent any perceived grievance of an individual student or group of students with respect to any teacher or with respect to the code of behaviour of the school
  • Discussions at Student Council meetings lead to recommendations not decisions. All definitive recommendations will be presented to the Principal for approval.
  • Proposals must be for the benefit of the school in general
  • The Council must not meet unless the Staff Liaison Teacher or other appointed Teacher is present
  • Any Staff member has the right to attend any meeting of the Council as he/she wishes.

Frequency of Meetings

  • Every week
  • Meetings are to be held before school or at lunch time unless a ‘special meeting’ is called by the S.C. Liaison Teacher
  • The day of the week on which the Student Council meets may be chosen at the start of each year and meetings should take place on that day throughout the year.
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