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St. Joseph of Cluny Parent’s Association aims to promote and contribute to the educational and general welfare of pupils in the school in cooperation with the Board of Management, the Principal, Deputy Principal, teachers and students of the school to enhance the educational development and educational opportunities of their children/guardians. It is a resource at the disposal of the school community and of the individual parent. It represents the views of parents, e.g. by having an input into school policies.

Membership of the Parents’ Association

All parents and guardians of children attending St Joseph of Cluny are members of the Parent Association.

Objectives of The St Joseph of Cluny Parent’s Association

  • To act as a conduit between the parents and the school.
  • To inform parents and guardians of their role (rights and responsibilities) regarding the school.
  • To inform parents and guardians about their school: policies, curriculum, system of governance (Board of Management, etc.)
  • To encourage dialogue with the Board of Management and other partners relating to parents and guardians' expectations for their students.
  • To ensure that parents and guardians are represented at all levels in the consultative process of school development planning and decision-making.
  • To help parents and guardians acquire the necessary skills which their role demands.

The St Joseph of Cluny Parents Association collaborate with the Principal and the Board of Management on major school issues and fosters social and recreational activities amongst parents/guardians and pupils in the school.

The Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held once a year. Parents and guardians are given adequate notice (minimum of 14 days before the AGM) and are invited to attend. An invitation is also extended to the Principal and Deputy Principal.

A copy of the agenda accompanies the invitation. The AGM is usually held in September or October.

Committee members are elected at the AGM. It is made up of parents from each year.

Meetings of the Parent’s Association

The St Joseph of Cluny Parent’s Association holds monthly meetings during the school term. Each meeting is attended by our Principal and/or Deputy Principal. The committee meet with the BOM twice a year. All parents are encouraged to become involved in the life of the school community as much as possible.

It is supported by a host of volunteers who assist in the running of many events throughout the school year. Joining the event volunteers is a great way of being involved in school life for those who have limited time or who wish to help in a less formal way. We are always looking for either committee members or help at events. The PA is affiliated to the National Parents Council Post Primary [http://National%20Parents%20Council%20(post-primary)](NPCpp). You can contact the Parents Association via this email address. <>

The St Joseph of Cluny Parent's Association acknowledges that the educational, technical and professional aspects of education belong to the teachers and the school.

Practical ways the St Joseph of Cluny Parent’s Association co-operates and supports the work done by the St Joseph of Cluny teachers

Guest speaker events and topical talks of relevance to parents and pupils,

Sports Day

Careers evening

Organising events for St Joseph of Cluny parents

Parent Hub for Open Evening

AGM - September

Debs Reception – September

Carol Service - December

TY musical

6th Year Fundraising events

Graduation lunch

Open Evening,


Guest speaker events and topical talks of relevance

School and Department of Education policy reviews

14 2020
Fifth Yr Assessments
16 2020
First and Second Yr Assessments
22 2020
Christmas Holidays
01 2021
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