Cluny Library News - Poetry Day Ireland - 30 April 2020

Cluny Library News - Poetry Day Ireland - 30 April 2020

Each year Poetry Ireland hosts a festival to celebrate Poetry Day Ireland, which is this Thursday the 30th of April. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Poetry Ireland is providing for the very first time a digital/virtual Poetry Day Festival themed “There will be time”.

There will be a range of special events (a few you have to book ahead, but most are free) throughout the day. Workshops, virtual poetry readings, talks with renowned Irish poets are just some of the activities offered on Thursday to celebrate our spoken and written words. Events include (but are not limited to)

A Mindfulness and Poetry Morning Retreat (9:30am)

Virtual Poetry Time at Hanna’s Bookshop (11am)

“Now is a Moveable Feast” – a reading of Anne Hartigan’s Listowel Prize winning poem (12pm)

A Virtual Seamus Heany Workshop – 1pm

“First in Line! A Poetry Workshop for Beginners” (3-5pm)

#IrelandPerform – poets Ciaran O’Driscoll and Siobhan Potter will be in conversation on Facebook talking about their careers writing poetry in the past and now during the Pandemic. (6:30pm)

Nonsense in Verse and Song - Comic poet Paul H. Tubb will give a reading/performance of his own Nonsense/Comic Verse/Songs, in his own living room and stream it onto his Instagram Channel (4pm)

The Launch of Resonate – a new YouTube channel featuring the short poem-videos with original music created by poet Nell Regan and musician Mary Barnecutt. (7:30pm)


For this week only, you can download free on the Poetry Day website (Online Events:

Incredible Things Do Happen: Poetry Ireland Introductions 2019

Poetry Ireland has published this anthology of poems by Ireland newest poets. The poems were selected by the well-known poet Martina Evans who is also Poetry Reviewer for the Irish Times.

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!! All events can be found at

Eavan Boland (RIP)

The Harbour by Eavan Boland

This harbour was made by art and force.
And called Kingstown and afterwards Dun Laoghaire.
And holds the sea behind its barrier
less than five miles from my house.

Lord be with us say the makers of a nation.
Lord look down say the builders of a harbour.
They came and cut a shape out of ocean
and left stone to close around their labour.

Officers and their wives promenaded
on this spot once and saw with their own eyes
the opulent horizon and obedient skies
which nine tenths of the law provided.

And frigates with thirty-six guns, cruising
the outer edges of influence, could idle
and enter here and catch the tide of
empire and arrogance and the Irish Sea rising

and rising through a century of storms
and cormorants and moonlight the whole length of this coast,
while an ocean forgot an empire and the armed
ships under it changed: to slime weed and cold salt and rust.

City of shadows and of the gradual
capitulations to the last invader
this is the final one: signed in water
and witnessed in granite and ugly bronze and gun-metal.

And by me. I am your citizen: composed of
your fictions, your compromise, I am
a part of your story and its outcome.
And ready to record its contradictions.

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