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St Joseph of Cluny Library

St. Joseph of Cluny Library

Welcome to St Joseph of Cluny Library’s website. On this website I hope you’ll find information about: the different events and activities that take place in the library, what books are available and why reading is so important, some useful resources and tips for when doing research. Since I have started working here I have tried to make the library as vibrant and welcoming as possible, this is why I have many activities such as book clubs, quizzes and themed weeks. My ultimate goal is that students want to come into the library; that they are happy when they do and also that they take something from it – such as learning something new, or being able to relax and simply finding a book that they really enjoy. I endeavour to foster a love of reading among the whole school community and thus I choose books that cover all reading levels and tastes. Reading is a timeless pleasure – and I hope it is something that students can take away with them when they leave school.

Mission Statement

The mission of St Joseph of Cluny Library is to:

  • Be vibrant and welcoming
  • Encourage lifelong learning
  • Create an environment that supports a holistic approach to learning
  • Help students become critical thinkers and effective users of information
  • Facilitate access to information that will support the educational, information and recreational needs of staff and students
  • Foster a love of reading within the whole school community
Librarian: Andrea Dillon
Librarian: Andrea Dillon

New Book New World

During my first year as school librarian I ran a competition with students where they had to come up with a tagline that would be attached to the new library logo. Students had to think of something that would encapsulate what they thought of the library and/or reading. I got a wonderful array of tag lines such as “reading is life”, “live, love, laugh, read” “a library is forever” and “Your Book, Your Space”. I was so impressed with the entries I received that I created a poster showing all the taglines, which is still on display in the library today. The winning tagline “New Book, New World” to me, puts in a nutshell, what reading is all about. You can see the logo on the left. I also use this tenet when I’m running the library. I endeavour to buy books students would like to read, to ensure the library is welcoming and to organise events and activities that students will enjoy and where they can learn something new. In essence I try to create a library where students can feel they are stepping into a new world.