Letter From the Principal

Welcome to the St Joseph of Cluny Killiney website, particularly if it is your first introduction to our secondary school. Our school is a private Catholic secondary school for girls located on twelve acres in the suburb of Killiney.

The secondary school has a student population of over 450 students and 40 teaching staff. From 2005-08 the entire school has undergone extensive upgrading with the addition of new school facilities including a Library.

The secondary school was founded in 1956 by the French Missionary Order of St Joseph of Cluny. The Order has established a strong academic and holistic tradition in its schools that is based on the principle of caring for the individual. The school ethos is Catholic but we do welcome students of other denominations. The practices of the Catholic religion are given a high profile in the school including the practice of the sacraments and the Mass. There is a strong emphasis on the formation of a strong value system in the students and personal spirituality is important to us.

Our school ethos aims to strike a balance between achieving academic excellence, caring for the real needs of the individual student and developing our students’ personalities and strengths. We strive above all to give the girls a sense of their own value. Our talented and professional teaching staff are dedicated to the promotion of high standards in our students, the majority of whom will go to University or Third Level colleges.

As you peruse this website you will find that we offer a full programme of subjects both academic and practical as well as an extensive array of co-curricular activities. You may also notice the very strong emphasis we place on Pastoral Care and the Personal Development of our students. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the school at the contact details provided.

Yours sincerely,

Mary White. Principal.