The School and the Parish

It is important that students in St Joseph of Cluny should be given opportunities for involvement in the life of the parish and the local community. This is actively encouraged in the Transition Year Community Service Programme, the work of the school societies run by Fifth Year students and through other initiatives in the RE and SPHE programmes. The RE programme assists students to share in the liturgical life of the parish and gives the students the experience of a lived faith within their community. The CSPE programme helps to foster a respect for civil authority as well as developing in students a sense of social awareness and concern for those in need.

A wider sense of social justice is promoted through awareness of world-wide missionary activity and the Cluny heritage of involvement in works for social justice in Third World countries. Fundraising projects for the Cluny mission houses are organised annually.

The priests from the local parish are encouraged to feel welcome and involved in the school. One of the local Salvatorian priests, Fr Eric Powell, acts as spiritual chaplain to the secondary school. The school also maintains cordial relations with the Primary and Post Primary schools in the area. The school Sports Hall is available for use by other schools as are the school grounds, subject to local circumstances.

St Joseph of Cluny Junior School, Principal Sr Monica Sheehan, has a long and close association with the secondary school. The majority of Junior School students transfer to the Secondary School. Both schools share the school grounds and the sports facilities and actively promote the values and ethos of the Cluny tradition.