School Retreats

Glendalough retreat

6th Yr: Fri. Sept 12th
2nd Yr: Mon. Oct 13th
3rd Yr: Fri. Oct 17th
T.Y: Fri. Oct 24th
5th Yr: Fri. Nov 7th

Some thoughts on the 6th year retreat to Glendalough (2008):

“We really enjoyed the retreat on a spiritual level. It really helped us open our eyes to the fact that we have this whole year to grow and mature emotionally and spiritually.

Father Michael Rogers, as the retreat leader, was a wonderful asset. His knowledge of glendalough-retreat-2-150x150Glendalough was insightful and informative and he really gave the best of both worlds spiritually and factually. He is a lovely priest and a good speaker, who helped us all in someway. When he spoke we were aware of his spiritual dimension and deep belief in God. We were also really impressed with the structure of the day.

All in all, it was a great opportunity for every student to be able to experience once in their six years at St. Joseph of Cluny Secondary School. Its one thing to have a retreat within the four walls of the school, but to have the opportunity to go to somewhere so spiritual and historic with your year group is a rare experience and it was a great that we all got that chance.”