About Our School

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Students in St. Joseph od Cluny Secondary School

St. Joseph of Cluny Secondary School is a private Catholic Secondary School for girls situated in Killiney, Co. Dublin. The Secondary School was founded in 1956 by the French Missionary Order of St. Joseph of Cluny. The Order has established a strong academic and holistic tradition in Killiney that is based on the principle of caring for the individual.

Located on the school grounds also is a Convent of the Religious Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny Order. The school is committed to creating a broad educational experience by providing the opportunity for each student to achieve academic excellence while also developing her full potential. The school offers a broadly based curriculum which has a diverse and challenging range of academic subjects, excellent sporting opportunities and extra-curricular activities. Some of these after-school activities include choir, orchestra and the teaching of a broad range of musical instruments, voice training, dance and drama.

The school also offers a continuous programme of personal development and a strong Christian ethos that emphasises respect and tolerance for all. It promotes values such as personal responsibility and leadership, compassion, integrity and kindness. It prepares our students for the academic standards required for Third Level education and the demands of professional life. It also aims to enable all our pupils to become moral, confident and tolerant human beings.

Authority Structure – Le Chéile Schools Trust

St. Joseph of Cluny S.S. Killiney is a member of the Le Chéile Schools Trust. The Le Chéile Trust comprises the schools of thirteen religious congregations. Both of the Cluny schools in Killiney and Mt. Sackville joined Le Chéile Trust in 2009. The aim of the Trust, as established is its Charter, is to carry on the legal, financial and inspirational role of trusteeship that has, up to now, been done by individual congregations. The stated purpose of the Le Chéile Trust is the development of the vision of Catholic education and the overseeing of its implementation in its schools. The Trust aims to encourage the preservation of key aspects of the evangelical heritage of the founding Congregations and to facilitate the opening of new schools where the need arises.

The Le Chéile Trust aims to promote Catholic Education as an option within the Irish education system.  In this respect Le Chéile seeks to establish a Le Chéile school as a community that witnesses to the Kingdom of God and to Gospel values and to be centres of learning and excellence in all aspects of growth, for students, parents and teachers.

Le ChéileThe Le Chéile Charter outlines in greater detail its mission, its vision of education and describes the Heritage of each of the founding congregations and can be accessed in full on the Le Chéile website i.e. www.lecheiletrust.ie

The secondary school in Killiney welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with other Le Chéile schools and Congregations to enrich our educational experience in Killiney, nurture the spirituality in our school community and build a deeper appreciation of our shared common purpose.

The school is administered by a Board of Management appointed by the Trustees of the St. Joseph of Cluny Order.

The Board has nine members and includes representatives of the Trustees, teaching staff and the Parents’ Association. The Board is responsible for determining school policies and the school ethos in relation to all major matters. These include a school policy on admissions, employment issues, finances and fees, development planning and academic standards.

The Principal Ms. Mary White and Deputy Principal Ms. Orla Lambert are responsible for the daily management of the school. There is also a Parents’ Association and a Student Council in the school.