Rules and Regulations


  • Each pupil must be punctual and regular in attendance and if late must have a note of explanation from their parent.
  • No pupil may leave the school during the day without a written request from their parents and the permission of the Principal, Deputy Principal or Year Head and must follow the signing out procedure.
  • Principal or Year Head and must follow the signing out procedure.
  • Absences must be explained by a note written in the School Journal. Parents are asked to phone the school where a student has been absent for more than two days. Absences of twenty or more days will, by law, be reported to the National Education Welfare Board.

Holidays should not be arranged during term time.

The Parent/Guardian must phone the School Secretary as soon as possible, if the student is unable to return to school after lunch.

For insurance purposes a letter from the Parent/Guardian at the beginning of the school year should indicate, if and when, a student may leave the school grounds during lunch hour: any unexpected outings can be covered by an extra note. Dental and Doctor’s appointments should be made outside school hours, except where there is an emergency.


In the day to day life of the school, punctuality is recorded electronically by the ‘Data Set’. A record of student punctuality is included in all school reports which are posted home at regular intervals. A late text will be sent home to parents for students late between 8.30 – 9.30am.

After 8.30 am, Senior Prefects:

  • Senior Prefects take names at student entrance door from 8.30 – 8.45 am.
  • They take a note of students who have an explanatory note.
  • Deputy Principal collates this information every week
  • Students are entitled to 1 late note per week.
  • ‘Late’ Demerits will combine with ‘Behaviour’ demerits and may result in Detention

After 8.45, at Reception Desk:

  • The school secretary takes names at the reception desk.
  • The diary page in student journal will be stamped appropriately and shown to the teacher by the student.

Monitoring Punctuality

  • Year Heads have access to Lates information every Friday.
  • Following an agreed number of lates a standard letter is sent home i.e. 8 Lates per half term (20%).
  • When students are on their third Detention per term for Lates, Year Heads will call parents in.
  • A Special ‘Lates Record Card’ will be given to students marked by teachers first class am and pm where a student’s parents have been contacted.


St Joseph of Cluny is an Anti-Bullying School. The ethos of our school reflects an environment where every effort is made to foster a strong sense of community within our school, centered around respect for the individual. We recognize that the quality of the relationships between members of the school community is of fundamental importance for a positive school environment. Our approach to discipline is a positive one, based on respect where consistency and reasonableness are applied in the maintenance of discipline.