International Students

St. Joseph of Cluny has a long tradition of welcoming international/overseas students who are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the school. As part of the overall Pastoral Care system which exists in the school, the International Student Coordinator aims to oversee academic progress and the overall wellbeing of the students concerned within the school community.

Cluny welcomes students every year from many different parts of the globe. For the current academic year, 2008-09 there were students from Japan, Hungary, Germany and as always quite a number of students from Spain and its islands. In the recent past, many students from Russia have also enrolled.Students span the range of years from First Year to Sixth Year.

The majority of students spend at least one academic year in Cluny, while a small percentage opt to do a one-term stay. Our Japanese and Russian students generally arrive in Transition Year (4th Year) and follow through to complete their Leaving Certificate.

Traditionally the International students are very hard-working and highly-motivated and thus gain the maximum from their stay both academically and socially. Active participation in the School Musical, completion of the President’s Bronze Award and all other activities associated with Transition Year, participation in Sports on an individual/team level – these are all features of the ongoing involvement of the overseas student in school life. Needless to say, the presence of these students is an enriching experience for all within the school community.

All of the overseas students are linked to a Language Agency during their stay in Ireland. Students are placed with local Irish families by these agencies. Throughout the school year, there is both formal contact (e.g. Parent/Teacher Meetings, Exam/Progress Reports) and informal contact between the Language Agencies and the school. There is ongoing liaison with the representatives of the Agencies concerned and the Overseas/International Student Coordinator with the aim of ensuring that the student’s stay in Cluny will be a positive and rewarding experience on all levels.