This subject is offered as an option for Leaving Cert in St. Joseph of Cluny. The majority of students are encouraged and supported to take the subject at Higher Level whenever possible, by the Physics Department. There is a strong tradition of Physics in the school and almost all students take their chosen Senior Science subjects at Higher Level.

  • Leaving Certificate Physics is actively a ‘hands on’ subject in St. Joseph of Cluny.
  • Over the past few years we’ve entered lots of different types of competitions, with good success!
  • Our Physics highlight has to be our winning global entry to the NASA/AMES Space Centre, Florida. The brief was to design a space settlement which would house 10,000 human beings, which once launched would never return to Earth. We entered the competition with three boys from Blackrock College. They took ‘First’ place and won a fabulous trip to NASA where they briefed NASA employees including astronauts on their design.
  • Other successes included our winning entry in the ‘Life in the Universe’ Competition, organised by the European Commission for Nuclear Research. Sara Byrne and Aisling Deasy won a week at the CERN Science Facility in Geneva as part of their prize.
  • We were runners up in the Science for Life Competition organised by BAYER and were highly commended by the Guinness Living Dublin Awards for our science board game. We were also highly commended for our Paper Clip Physics entry.