Junior Cycle

French culture and French language have traditionally played an important role in St. Joseph of Cluny. The Cluny Order was, in fact, founded in Cluny, in the Bourgogne region of France. In Cluny, we want students to develop a love for the language and all things French, that will last long after their days here are over.

Eiffel towerFrench is taught in every year. We aim for a warm classroom atmosphere, using a variety of methodologies. Classes are conducted as much as is practical, through French with plenty of student participation in the language. We work with each student so that she can reach her full potential. This is reflected in our excellent results and our department inspection (2007).

Students are helped to develop the four key skill areas i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening. At the same time students explore French culture and civilisation. 1st to 3rd year classes are taught according to the Junior Certificate syllabus. Students in these year groups develop the 4 key skill areas from an early age .  At the same time students explore French culture and civilisation.

Transition Year

Transition Year Pupils experience:

  • French theatre
  • French film
  • French cuisine
  • French breakfast mornings
  • Fashion Studies
  • French songs
  • Table quizzes
  • Library sessions
  • French Debating
  • Modules: e.g. French–speaking countries

In Transition Year, pupils are given the opportunity to significantly enhance their spoken French. Each student receives a Certificate of Achievement in spoken French following an oral exam with an outside examiner.

Senior Cycle

5th and 6th year classes are taught according to the Leaving Certificate syllabus. At senior cycle, French can be taken along with another language. Pupils are assessed on an on-going basis. There are Christmas and Summer house exams for all years except Junior and Leaving Cert who have Mock exams. 5th and 6th years have a mock oral exam with an outside examiner.

This year, French native speaker M.Andrieux, will be assisting the French Department in all areas of the subject, with particular emphasis on oral work.