History department

3rd Year History Trip to Kilmainham Gaol

We study History in order to discover how we became the people we are today. Studying the lives of our ancestors enables us to understand how other cultures and countries have developed and what our place is within the world.

History is a compulsory subject for Junior Cycle. All Transition Year students do a seven- week module in History and the subject is offered as an ‘option subject’ in the Senior cycle. Students are brought on outings at both Junior and Senior Levels, while visiting speakers help bring the subject to life.


1st Year Trip to Dalkey Castle

The study of History enables students to develop invaluable skills, such as a capacity for independent thought, organisation of ideas and an ability to reach balanced conclusions. All of these skills are necessary for Third Level education and are highly sought after in many careers (such as Archaeology, Politics, Journalism, Diplomatic Corps, etc.). The Junior Certificate Syllabus covers a vast and interesting array of topics, beginning with the work of the historian, the archaeologist and the study of ancient civilisations. The Junior Certificate Syllabus is developmental in nature and, as the student progresses, the themes and concepts gradually become more complex. However, the Junior Certificate is currently under review and future changes should enhance students’ enjoyment of the subject. The Leaving Certificate Syllabus requires a greater level of student engagement. However, it offers a comprehensive and exciting choice of study topics, while permitting students the freedom to select a research topic from any historical period. This fascinating feature shows how History is directly relevant to the life and world of the student. Both courses facilitate a variety of approaches to the teaching of History and a wide range of sources (written, pictorial, audio-visual and digital) are used.

Some of the extra-curricular activities included in the study of History at St. Joseph of Cluny are:


Making Medieval Coins

  • A Trip to Derry at Senior Cycle
  • A themed week on ‘The Holocaust’ in the Library
  • A visit from Tomi Reichental, a Holocaust survivor, to senior students
  • Relevant historical film outings / General project work and displays
  • Yearly Senior and Junior Inter-School HTAI History Quiz
  • Transition Year module on Archaeology
  • A visit to Kilmainham Gaol by Third Years
  • A visit to Dalkey Castle by First Years
  • A Historical Fashion Show for Open Day
Senior History Trip to Derry

Senior History Trip to Derry