Enterprise Education

This is an optional subject and runs for the whole year in Transition year. There is one double and one single period for the subject throughout the year.

Aims for the Module

The aim of this module is to introduce the TY students to and help them gain an understanding and insight into different aspects of enterprise and entrepreneurship. It is also our aim that the students will learn how to set up their own business.

The students set up and run their own mini-company business. They learn how to start up and run a business from scratch and get real life experience of all aspects of running a business. Students take part in various competitions and trade shows during the year. Students of Enterprise also run the Bank of Ireland School Bank.

During the study of Enterprise students will:

1. Gain a knowledge and understanding of the concepts central to enterprise.

2. Nurture their personal qualities that form the basis of entrepreneurial activity such as creativity, independence and perseverance.

3. Develop and apply entrepreneurial skills and to establish a mini company business.

4. Develop team work skills.

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