Art and Crafts

Art, Craft and Design provide a unique part of the education of the whole person, through heart, head and hand, enabling the person to shape their world with discernment and to First Yearunderstand and appreciate the work of others. The benefits of an education in Art, Craft and Design extend far beyond a competence in the subject itself as it nurtures the development of a number of important personal qualities, particularly those of confidence, initiative, perseverance, sensibility and self-reliance.

The course is designed to increase pupils’ awareness of the visual world and the environment in which they live. They learn to express their personality and develop their creativity. They will discover their own personal style, exploring individual interests, improving their existing skills and learning new ones, and acquiring an appreciation of art, design, and crafts. The course involves four disciplines which foster different ways of thinking:


art_1Art emphasizes ideas, feelings and visual qualities. As each student learns to draw they will begin to engage with their environment through keen observation of shape, line, tone, texture, colour and perspective. They will also explore a wide range of media including pencils, charcoal, colour pencils, inks, oil pastels, chalk pastels, poster and acrylic paints.


Crafts 1

Craft emphasizes the development of practical skills and techniques using a variety of tools and materials. Through the realization of art works from the design stage to finished pieces an understanding of process is fostered as well as immense pride. Crafts offered include clay modeling, papier-mâché, embroidery, batik, lino printing, intaglio etching, and puppetry.


Design emphasizes planning, problem-solving and completion, encouraging pupils to engage with their environment with critical analysis and understanding. These unite in the basic human drive to shape the world for functional purposes and to express and communicate ideas and feelings.

Art History and Appreciation/Support Studies

Through the informal study of famous artists pupils will be encouraged to look at their art work, and discuss it with confidence expressing their own opinions, and use the work of other artists to inspire their own. This will facilitate the pupils’ appreciation of their visual surroundings and is made possible by frequent trips to museums, galleries and exhibitions.