Junior Cycle

Music at St. Joseph of Cluny Secondary School enjoys a strong social, religious and academic tradition. The department is a lively one, with ongoing events throughout the school year. Through various classroom based and extra curricular activities at Junior and Senior cycle, each student has the opportunity to gain valuable music experiences, be it through choir classes offered at Junior Cycle or involvement in the fourth year musical. All students in first and second year, whether choosing to study music or not, are prepared for the Department of Education and Science choir exams, which offers a performance experience to all.

Students studying music as a choice option for Junior Certificate take 4 lessons a week, in accordance with the Department of Education and Science guidelines. School based choral and orchestral experiences feed directly into the classroom for all music students, while performance skills in part singing are encouraged from first year. Composition, listening and general musical studies all complement the students developing performance skills, leading to the Junior Certificate Examination in third year.

Transition Year

Music at transition year takes the form of a modular system, which takes into account all musical experiences. Performance skills are encouraged and developed from Junior Cycle and students are introduced to a range of aspects of music, including 20th Century composition, an introduction to Music Technology for Leaving Certificate, Irish music and singing, as well as lessons in basic music theory and principles. Students also prepare a musical to be performed near the end of Transition Year.

Senior Cycle

At Senior Cycle, the skills, knowledge and attitudes acquired at Junior Cycle are developed further in preparation for the Leaving Certificate. Students undertake 5 lessons a week, and skills in composition, performance and listening are further enhanced. Music technology is studied at a deeper level, while performance studies remain central to class based activities. Senior music students are expected to contribute in an even greater way to the musical life of the school.