Learning Support

St. Joseph of Cluny has a strong feeling of community where co-operation, justice of school life and respect are actively encouraged. We try to respond to the needs of all our pupils. There are students who may struggle with academic and sometimes social demands. They need extra assistance and the kind of assistance they receive has a positive effect on not only their academic progress but also their self-esteem and their whole attitude to school life.

We strive to find the most effective way to achieve our aim of responding to the needs of all our pupils. The school does all it reasonably can to comply with the DES guidelines for individual students. Parents/Guardians who wish to avail of Learning Support resources must provide the necessary educational / medical / psychological reports as required by the DES. In the Learning Support Department we try to ensure that the students are provided with as much support as resources allow and are monitored and reviewed to establish their changing needs.

  • A dedicated Staff with expertise and experience
  • Individual withdrawal
  • Small group withdrawal
  • Individual Educational Profile
  • Classroom assistants
  • Reduced Timetable (in certain cases)
  • Two bright, modern Learning Support rooms
  • Computers and appropriate software programmes
  • Excellent Library facilities where the Librarian works with the Learning Support Department in sourcing suitable materials and helps to meet the students extra needs
  • Close collaboration with subject teachers
  • Special in-house exams if required.

Learning opportunities and guidance activities are varied and include:

  • Job Seeking Skills and Work Experience in Transition Year
  • ‘Be Real’ game in TY
  • Research Projects in First, Second, TY and Fifth Years
  • Careers Evening for Fifth and Sixth Years
  • Mock Interviews, CV preparation etc for Sixth Years
  • Visiting Speakers
  • Attendance at College Open Days and Seminars

The Guidance Counsellor is part of the Pastoral Care team in the school. The Guidance Counsellor is Ms Cleo McFarland.