The School & Parents

The school and the parents

St Joseph of Cluny Secondary School acknowledges the importance and value of close co-operation between the school and parents. The school system of communication with parents by mail, i.e. letter, newsletter, school reports and recently text messaging has a practical and strategic dimension i.e. to keep parents informed at all times of school events and student progress. We hope the new website will be another active communication link with parents also.

Meetings of parents and teachers happen at Parent/Teacher Meetings annually but there are also many other annual school events where parents are welcome i.e. the School Musical, the annual Prize-Giving Ceremony, the Carol Service and other social evenings. We have also had a number of very successful charity fundraising events in the last number of years like ‘Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire?’ in 2007 which raised over €30,000 for the Sierra Leone Cluny schools and ‘Build A Bridge Project’ and was hugely supported by the generosity of our parents. Parents have also been participating in surveys and questionnaires to ascertain their views on particular aspects of school life over the last few years.

The work of the Parents Association throughout the school year has become a very important dimension in school life. The Association is central now to the organisation of annual events that are important at significant times in the students’ lives, i.e. the Fifth/Sixth Year Careers and Interview Skills evening. The Parents Association have also participated in the formation of school policies over the years and will be working on a review of the Code of Discipline and Behaviour in 2009 as initiated nationally by the National Education Welfare Board. The Association also organised with the help of the teaching staff a very successful Past Pupils Reunion Dinner in 2007, an area of contact which the Association is developing at present.

In all of the above the school recognises that the establishing of friendly, open and positive contacts with parents are essential for the welfare of students and teachers alike in the school.