Debs Ball

The secondary school Parents’ Association hosts a Debs Reception in the school annually in the autumn term for all our Sixth Year graduates. The Debs Reception is on the same evening as the student-organised Debs dinner dance. Though the school is not traditionally involved with the Debs meal, we welcome our Leaving Cert graduates back for their last major ceremony in the school and are pleased to see what glamorous and confident young women they have all become.

Our Girls in Graduation Day. Image from Image Magazine

Our Girls in Graduation Day. Click to see the PDF version

Central to the school Debs Reception is the ceremony of ‘walking down the red stairs’ located in the school foyer with their young male escorts to assist them. This proves to be a great photo opportunity and a memorable heart-stopping moment for the girls and all those watching them. This particular route is practiced many times before the event, probably in truth since the Cluny girls arrive in First Year!

The Parents’ Association undertake a lot of preparation for the Debs Reception as the foyer is usually festooned with balloons, streamers, fairy lights and all of the decorations associated with the glamour of such an event. Our debutants are presented with a small momento at the end of the stairs by the Principals of the Secondary and Junior schools and courtesy of the Parents’ Association.

A photographer is normally organised to be in the school for individual, family or small group photographs. The Debs organising committee is made up of between six to eight students from Sixth Year who liaise with the Parents’ Association for the event.

The Debs Reception in the school is a private, ticketed ceremony for students who completed Sixth Year in the school and who have sat the Leaving Certificate in St Joseph of Cluny. The parents and members of the extended family of the graduating student are welcome to attend. The event is usually held between 6.00pm and 8.00pm on the Debs evening. The event is looked forward to with great anticipation annually by both present and graduating students.