House System

House System Goals

The goals of the House System are:

  • To strengthen the bonds of the Cluny School Spirit among 1st-6th Yrs in the school and with the Cluny network worldwide.
  • To create opportunities for all students to become involved in co-curricular activities and to experience the satisfaction of participation in team events through the various sporting and cultural competitions that are held throughout the year.
  • To create opportunities for students to become leaders.
  • To encourage good natured and friendly rivalry between the six Houses as they compete for the coveted House Shield at the end of the year.
Opening of year - House gathering

Opening of-year – House gathering

The Houses in Cluny are named as follows: Fiji, Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, St. Lucia & Tahiti. Each House is made up of students from each year group and members of the teaching staff. There are approximately 75 students in each House each year, with a cohort of approximately 13 students from each year group within each House. New students and staff in the school, including First Years and new students from abroad are assigned to a House and automatically become part of the House System each year.

Being part of a House gives students an opportunity to get to know students in other year groups, and to participate with them in sports and other House activities. This will hopefully encourage new friendships and new loyalties which are not just class or year based. It will also encourage students to develop new skills through participating in various Leagues for their Houses.

Opening of year - House gathering

Opening of year – House gathering