Co-curricular Overview

Cocurricular activities

The school offers a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and encourages all students to participate fully in the programme of activities annually. It is central to the holistic ethos of the school that students will benefit from an all round education and will seek to develop other sides of themselves through their participation in our full school programme of extra-curricular activities.

It is school policy that all First and Second year students must sign up to at least one after-school sport and one extra-curricular activity. Forms are sent home to this effect in September annually for students to sign up to their extra-curricular programme for the year. Students in all other years are encouraged to maintain this educational balance including during exam years. The House System encourages sport and other school activities, including fundraising, and is another dimension in the extra curricular programme. Details of the House System are available elsewhere in the website. There are three main categories in this programme:

  • Sports
  • Music/Drama/Debating
  • School Societies

The following co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are also available for students:

  • European Youth Parliament (Mr J Byrne)
  • Leinster Schools (Mr J Byrne)
  • Annual Talent Shows (Ms J Byrne, Ms C Marren)
  • Fresher Week (Mr C Hartigan)
  • Annual Musical (Ms I Burke)
  • School Tour
  • Green Schools (Mrs D Smith)
  • School Bank (Mrs D Smyth)
  • President’s Award – Gaisce (Ms B Wolahan)
  • Young Scientist Exhibition (Science Department)
  • Maths Olympiad (Maths Department)
  • Fifth Year Leadership Seminar (Fifth Year Year Head)
  • ABC Committee (Ms C Marren)
  • Concern Debates (Mr J Byrne,  Mr C Hartigan)